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Orange County Pool Guard knows you can’t turn your back for a second because your crawling baby, toddler, child, or small pet can quickly and quietly accidentally fall into your pool and drown. It’s important to keep your kids and pets safe from the dangers of drowning, so call 714 799 6412, Pool Guard today and get your child-pool-safety removable mesh-pool-fence and MagnaLatch gate installed by our professional pool-safety experts.

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OC Pool Guard Gate with best latch in the industry



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MagnaLatch Series-3 is the Most Trusted Swimming Pool

Child-Proof Safety Gate Latch Worldwide

It’s hard to keep an eye on your children every moment. That’s why surrounding your pool and spa area

with OC Pool Guard’s swimming-pool-safety-fence and self-closing gate feature the new MagnaLatch Series-3 child-proof, key-lockable safety pool gate is so important. Millions of pool owners worldwide have trusted the MagnaLatch child-proof safety gate latch and true close hinges for over 25 years. OCPool Guard installs the newest and strongest MagnaLatch safety gate latch, the MagnaLatch Series-3 by D&D technologies with confidence knowing that it’s the world’s #1 child-safety-gate-latch and here’s why:

  • New child-resistant MagnaLatch Top-Pull Release Knob is safely out of reach of children. (Top Pull Model ML3TPKA)
  • Meets California State Laws (ASTM) Specifications F 2286 for 5 foot self-closing gates on pool-fencing required for child adoption, foster parent care, and child-care providers
  • Adheres to the guidelines published by The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). A sturdy pool-fence-gate that is at least 4ft. to 5ft. tall that is climb-resistant and has no handholds for footholds that allow a child to climb under or over, and less than 4” clearance on bottom of pool fence and lockable-gate
  • New visible lock-indicator that shows you if the gate is locked or unlocked
  • 6-pin re-keyable security lock-indicator that can be re-keyed to match other locks around your pool and spa area making safety more convenient for you
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment indicators
  • Tested to 2-million cycles
  • Manufactured and continuously tested under ISO-9001 quality standards
  • Consistently provides the highest level of quality and performance available
  • New built-in post cap spacing, so there is no need for separate post cap spacers
  • Industry leading magnetic latching technology sealed from the elements
  • Alignment indicators so you know when your gate is in proper alignment and makes adjusting for gate sag easier
  • Easy to install and adjust (horizontal/vertical adjustments)

    magnalatch series 3

    magnalatch series 3 Flush mount in Orange County

  • Superior performance in extreme climates:
  • New and improved drainage in latch and striker
  • Sloping features channel water out
  • High collar under lift knob prevents water entry
  • Most intraday movement allowance in the industry’s
  • Protective shroud over key helps prevent water entry into lock cylinder
  • Space under lift knob helps prevent it from freezing to top housing




magnalatch series 3

Magnalatch series 3 on Orange county Pool guard fence

Orange County Pool Guard knows from Yorba Linda to Mission Viejo it’s the California lifestyle to have a swimming pool. However, along with the many benefits of having your own backyard swimming pool, and spa comes the ever present issue of “swimming pool safety for children”. As a pool owner, you must accept the responsibility of taking steps to assure that your swimming pool area is safe from children or pets accidentally drowning. Orange County Pool Guard has the perfect pool-fencing system that features the newest patented MagnaLatch Series-3, the most trusted child-resistant safety pool-fence gate latch world-wide. Not all pool fence companies have taken the step to upgrade their pool fence gates with the Series 3 MagnaLatch, however OC Pool Guard already has, and is continuing to lead the industry with top quality products and customer service. Give us a call today. 714 799 6412

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