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Whether you’re interested in a swimming pool cover for safety, to keep the pool clean, or to save on water and chemicals, you have come to the right place. OC Pool Guard is the undisputed expert in Orange County when it comes to custom pool covers. It may not surprise the locals here in California that our pools are rarely simple rectangles. In California, basic is not normal. In the pool cover industry that means custom, and that’s what OC Pool Guard is best at.

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This pool cover material is the lightest in weight, making it the most popular choice of our customers. It doesn’t hurt that it is also the most affordable and very easy to use. The Lite Pool Cover’s design and material has been tested time and time again, from cars crashing into it to tornadoes trying to rip it away. A Pool Guard Lite cover will give you a great mix of  benefits, from controlling swimming pool water evaporation to chemical preservation to security, for a  safe and clean pool.options


Pro Mesh

The Pro Mesh Pool Cover is designed to filter out finer particles and block more sunlight, but it’s also a little stronger than the Lite Pool Cover. While more expensive that a Lite Pool Cover, Pro Mesh  is great choice for water preservation and drought in California. The Pro Mesh Pool Cover will provide you with the best combination of evaporation reduction, chemical preservation, and ease of use.



The Solid Guard Safety Covers keep the water and chemicals in the pool longer.  By keeping out the sunlight, less water evaporates and chlorine also lasts longer. Of course, it does a superior job at keeping dirt, dust and leaves out. This will allow you to open a very clean pool. Because the Solid Safety Pool Cover is a solid, water stays on top of the pool cover when it rains. When this happens, the accumulated rain water can become a safety risk to children. Therefore, the industry requires solid cover owners to purchase a sump pump to remove excess water.


How can you actually use this?

Our pool safety covers are simply the best in the industry. The quality of materials , workmanship and multitude of options available ensure you’ll get a beautiful pool cover that provides safety and peace of mind for years to come. Call OC Pool Guard to select which type of pool cover is right your pool. Swimming pool covers require experience in custom ordering, so it’s best to consult our trained staff.

Tustin pool cover

Tustin Hills pool safety cover

After measuring your pool, we use a computer-aided-design to create a safety pool cover that perfectly fits your custom size or shape of pool.

When properly installed, you get a strong, safe pool cover that meets or exceeds ASTM Standards ES1346-91 for pool safety covers, without paying more. OC Pool Guard superior hardware technology, with high performance stainless steel springs and sturdy brass anchors, makes our swimming Pool Covers safe and easy to use.


Additional Pool Cover  Features

Double Webbing – Our pool covers feature double webbing! The black straps that crisscross the cover (webbing) are stitched on both the top and under side of the cover, greatly increasing its strength. The webbing is fabricated to have a tensile strength of approximately 4,000 pounds per square inch, making the pool cover super strong and safe.

Stitching – The webbing for the entire cover is sewn on with triple-stitched bonded threads. Around the perimeter, all intersections have an additional “X” and box stitch sewn for extra strength.

Quick Installation Springs & Hardware – Our “trampoline style” Pool Cover is locked down by our unique spring and anchor system. Our heavy-duty stainless steel spring, with its custom designed “easy adjust” integrated buckle, enables quick installation and adjustment of the pool cover in a fraction of the time. All springs come with a plastic cover to protect the pool deck from abrasion.

Anchors – Our anchors are made from non-corrosive brass. When not in use, the anchors recess flush with the pool deck and are barely noticeable. We have an anchoring system for any type of decking, masonry, wood, pavers, etc.

Complete Package – All pool covers come with a convenient storage bag, installation instructions, warranty and cover care guide. Also included are the installation hardware pieces (i.e. heavy-duty installation tool, tamping tool, spring covers and Allen key).

Strap Spacing – Our pool covers are custom designed and manufactured to fit your pool. The strap

Blue spa cover works on Pool too.

laguna spa cover

spacing will depend on the shape, size and location of your pool. Some pools will have the option for 5×5 foot spacing while other pools are required to have 3×3 foot spacing. Plus, our Pool Covers arfe made in the U.S.A.

What Makes a Pool Cover a Safe Cover?

All safety covers must conform to the Standard Performance Specification set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). According to the ASTM 1346, a safety cover must be able to support a certain amount of weight (485lbs), not permit gaps greater than 4-inches that a child or pet could squeeze through, and remove standing water.

A safety cover which looks like a trampoline stretched over the pool is a lot more aesthetically appealing.

Pool cover with drain in OC

Blue pool cover in lake forest with kleen drain

A typical solid pool cover is little more than a tarp to put over your pool. It does not conform to ASTM safety standards and can be dangerous to kids and pets. Typically, it is anchored with water bags,water tubes, bricks or large items placed on the cover to anchor it in. While a plastic tarp does keep the majority of the leaves, debris and silt out of the pool, it is still possible for children and pets to get under it and into the pool, or even to get into trouble with the standing water that has accumulated on top. Note that, in order for a cover to meet ASTM requirements, it must be manufactured by an ASTM certified manufacturer. Below is a partial list of qualifications for ASTM specification F1346-91

OC safety pool cover

Rock formation custom pool cover in Orange

  • Perimeter deflection tests for entry or entrapment between the cover and the side of the pool. The cover must demonstrate that any opening is sufficiently small and strong enough to prevent the test object being passed through.
  • The surface drainage test which safeguards against a dangerous amount of water collecting on the cover’s surface.
  • The static load test for weight support. The cover should be able to hold a weight of at least 485lbs (2 adults and 1 child) to permit rescue operation.
  • Labeling requirements must include basic consumer information such as the warranty information, the appropriate warnings as described in the standard, and acknowledge the product as a safety cover.


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