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Orange County Pool Guard is the most trusted name in the Removable Swimming Pool Fence Industry serving all of the communities of Orange County, California. It’s the southern California lifestyle to have a swimming pool for year-round fun-filled days with family and friends enjoying backyard parties, barbeques, and swimming. However, along with the wonderful benefits of having your own swimming pool, spa and water slides/fountains comes the ever present dangers of children and pets drowning. Orange County Pool Guard has the perfect pool-fencing system to keep your children pool-safe from of drowning, and you’ll love that the swimming-pool-safety-barrier doesn’t obstruct the view of your beautifully landscaped backyard oasis.


Peace of Mind You Get With Orange County Pool Guard!

The Most Trusted Name Child-Safe Removable Swimming Pool Fencing Industry

Lake forest pool fence

5 foot self closing gate on pool fence in Lake Forest


  • Trained experts who are experienced in the industry’s swimming pool safety for children
  • Child-proof patented self-closing, self-latching and key-lockable gate as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Amazingly affordable and quick installation
  • Meets California State Laws for pool fencing required for child adoption, foster parent care, and child-care providers
  • Quality and durable Removable Mesh Pool-Safety Fencing Systems, and Swimming Pool Safety Nets and Covers (ASTM Certified) all designed with UV inhibitors to protect against fading, shrinkage and deterioration
  • Made with Quad Core, Marine Grade, Powder-Coated-Aluminum-Poles
  • Professional installations worldwide
  • Conveniently easy to set-up, or take-down to store
  • Transparent pool fence mesh in a variety of colors to match your decor
  • Fits any pool, or can be customized to fit your uniquely designed pool area
  • Backed by a Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Courteous and reliable customer service from start-to-finish
  • The best “install” in Orange County


Removable pool fence

Pool Fence in Yorba Linda made out of brown mesh and 4 foot tall

OC Pool Guard knows that when it comes to owning a swimming pool, spa, or water feature nothing is more important than the pool-safety of your child or pet. Accidental drowning is a leading cause of death in children under the age of five. In just seconds your toddler, crawling baby, small child or pet can quickly and quietly fall into the water and suddenly drown. An Orange County Pool Guard Removable Mesh Pool Fence and Child-Proof Lockable Gate helps protect your kids and pets, and with our non-climbable gate it also guards access to your swimming pool, spa, water fountains, slides, and diving boards; and that’s peace of mind!



While there’s no substitute for adult supervision, a removable mesh swimming pool fence from Orange County Pool Guard provides that extra protective pool security for multiple communities from Mission Viejo to Huntington beach. The pool-fencing fits any size swimming pool, or you can install a customizable removable-mesh-pool-fence to fit the unique design of your swimming pool and spa. Orange County Pool Guard’s Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fences and Safety Swimming Pool Nets give you the flexibility for quick and easy set-up or take-down for backyard parties and barbeques. Unlike permanent Rod Iron pool fences that can ruin your decks and landscaping. With removable mesh pool fencing, you have the option to leave it up all year long, or set it up for special occasions, or just when your grandchildren visit.


As an Orange County swimming pool owner, you know you have the responsibility of taking proactive

Mesh pool barrier

Pool Fence options in Orange County

steps to safeguard your pool and spa area from children or pets accidentally falling in the water and drowning. It’s important to protect your family, friends, neighbors and pets from the potential danger of swimming pool drowning. Install around your swimming pool the reliable Orange County Pool Guard Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Safety Fences and Safety Pool Mesh Nets! Join the families, adoptive parents, Foster parents, grandparents, and child-care providers in Orange County who have already installed Orange County Pool Guard’s Removable Mesh Pool Fencing Systems and are now enjoying the freedom from worry about accidental drowning. By taking swimming pool safety for children seriously, you are being a responsible pool-owner. It’s your pool-safety solution for your family, friends, neighbors and pets. Prevent a senseless swimming pool drowning and call Orange County Pool Guard today at 714 799 6412 and get your child-proof removable and cost-effective mesh pool fencing installed right away.


A child drowning in your pool would be an awful tragedy. It can happen in an instant, but can be prevented by just having Orange-County-Pool-Guard-Removable-Mesh-Pool-Fencing and Child-Safe-Pool-Gates installed by our professional swimming pool-safety experts. The pool guard child-safety barriers are well-constructed and durable removable swimming pool fences and pool-safety nets that you can trust to prevent your kids and pets from accidentally falling into the water. You can also install mesh removable fencing in designated areas in your backyard for pet-safety. In just seconds your crawling baby, toddler, or pet can suddenly and quietly fall into the water and quickly drown. An Orange County Pool Guard Removable Mesh Pool Fence helps protect your kids and pets from this happening with our child-proof, non-climbable gate. The pool-fencing system securely guards access to your swimming pool, spa, water features, slides, diving boards and rock fountains; and that’s peace of mind! Removable pool fence from OC Pool Guard provides added security to prevent child-drownings if a neighbor child wanders into your yard. From Lake Forest to Westminster our pool-fencing systems and child-proof gates fit any size swimming pool. You can also install a customizable-removable-mesh-pool-fence or pool-safety-net to fit any shape or size of your pool/spa design. O.C.  Pool Guard knows how important it is to protect your family, friends, neighbors and pets from the potential danger of swimming pool drowning. The solution is installing our durable Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Safety Fences and Safety Pool Mesh Nets!


Mesh pool fence

Coto De Caza can have great looking pool fences

Orange County Pool Guard’s Mesh Pool Fencing creates a child-safe protective barrier between your home and your swimming pool, yet the mesh-fencing is transparent allowing a clear view of your pool making it aesthetically pleasing. Unlike most permanent fences (Rod Iron Permanent Fence), mesh pool-fencing has no foothold which makes it very climb-resistant and hard for kids to climb on. Children can’t climb the mesh-fence and accidentally fall into your swimming pool or spa and drown. Your removable mesh pool fencing and child-proof key lockable gate from Orange County Pool Guard can be removed easily by an adult in just minutes. It can be stored away for a party or special occasion when a safety-pool barrier is not needed. Orange County Pool Guard’s removable swimming pool child-safety fences and pool safety nets have been used for 30 years from Tustin to Yorba Linda to prevent the drowning of crawling babies, toddlers, small children and pets. A big feature of mesh swimming pool-fencing is that it can be

customized and installed around virtually any size pool, spa, water or rock fountains, and backyard landscaping. Keeping the beauty and aesthetics of your swimming pool area are important to you, and you don’t want an unsightly permanent fence obstructing your view.



Pool Guard Mesh fence on a slope blends right in.

Whither you live in New Port or Coto de Caza being smart and responsible for taking proactive steps to assure that your swimming pool is safe for children and pets. Orange County Pool Guard Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fencing and Pool-Safety Nets around pools and spas are preferred by Orange County  homeowners who want the safety benefits without the permanence of a typical fence like a Rod Iron fence which can ruin and stain your deck area. Removable mesh pool fences have proven to be child-safe, durable, strong, and gives you confidence knowing your kids are pool-safe from accidentally falling in the water. The professional pool-fence-safety-experts at Orange County Pool Guard are committed to protecting your children and pets from the unthinkable tragedy of death by drowning in your swimming pool. As a Parent, Foster Parent, Adoptive Parents, or a Child-Care Provider you’re going to have to meet California’s State requirements for securing a safe and child-proof swimming-pool-safety-barrier with professional pool fencing. New mothers, or those wishing to adopt a child, child day care facility operators, or Foster parents need to protect their little children from accidental drowning by installing a mesh swimming pool fence and self closing key lockable gate. It only takes a few seconds for a crawling baby or toddler to slip and fall into a pool and quietly drown without you knowing it. Orange County Pool Guard’s system of removable mesh pool-fencing is highly recommended due to it’s strength and durability, has a key-lockable child-proof gate, climb-resistant nature, and transparent see-through mesh material, and removable convenience.


3-Different Types of Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fencing Systems:

There are different types of Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fences that all generally are the same when it comes to the child-safe pool fencing systems: Fiberglass Pool Fencing, Professional Pool Fencing, and “Do-It-Yourself” Pool Fencing.  They are all pool-safety

fences that come in 4ft. and 5ft. tall versions, as well as in a variety of colors of transparent mesh fencing. Beware, not all child-safety swimming pool fences are equal. Listed below are 3-types of removable mesh pool fences to consider when you decide to install swimming-pool-safety-fences to protect your children and pets from accidentally falling into your pool or spa:


  • The strongest pool fence choice for swimming pool protection is Fiberglass, but it has some drawbacks for you to consider. The pole strength comes at a higher cost, and while the pool fence poles are strong, they are also flexible giving the pool fence a much more wobbly feel to it. In fact the pool fence is so flexible that it has to be locked in the holes that are drilled and sleeved in concrete so that it can’t be flexed out in the core hole sleeve.
  • Be aware of “Fiberglass Itch”. Over time Fiberglass pool fence poles can get “Fiberglass Itch”, it’s when dust from Fiberglass shavings gets into the pores of your skin resulting in itching, and that’s not a good thing with children in or around your pool or spa area.



  • This type is good for those who consider themselves to be ‘handy with a drill and tools
  • You can patch the pool fence concrete holes you made. After the child safety pool-fence has has been removed, you’ll have smaller holes to do it later. The hole size is about 5.8” and it’s recommended you use a Hammer Drill for a quicker job. However, be careful of the following; when drilling the pool fence layout, be sure to get your angles straight or even rent a drill-guide. Make sure the Hammer Drill doesn’t chip your concrete much, some deck chips occur however, the sleeve has a larger nickel-size lip to cover it up.
  • Peg Post Mesh Pool Fencing is weaker and the pole strength for the “Do-It-Yourself” pool-fencing (also known as Peg Post) is made out of a hollow 1-inch aluminum pole. The bottom foot of the pole has a PVC sleeve slipped in to hold a 10” stainless steel rod. The peg or rod is 1/2” and then slips in a 5/8” drilled hole. This type of pole is the weakest in the pool-fencing industry, sometimes as much as 20% weaker than a Professional Pool Fence. True, it’s known more as unbreakable, however if your fence is ineffectively laying on your deck, you have serious safety issues if the pole is not securing your pool making it possible for your child or pet to get into your pool area.


  • Adheres to Strict Swimming Pool Industry Safety Standards
  • Patented Safety Child-Proof Self-Closing, Self-Latching and Key-Lockable Gate as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Strong, Child-Safe, and Durable
  • Installed by Well-Trained Pool-Safety Professional Experts
  • Very Affordable and Quick Installation
  • Designed with UV inhibitors to protect against shrinkage, fading, and deterioration
  • Constructed with Quad Core, Marine Grade, Powder-Coated Aluminum Poles
  • Made with Extruded Aluminum for strength, and has the same or less pricing than Peg Post Mesh Fences
  • Standard Removable Mesh Swimming Pool Fencing should always be erected by using a Diamond Core Bit Drill on a adjustable drill platform. The hole size comes in two different sizes, either (1 1/8”) or (1 ¼”). A major benefit of a core drill is a perfect no-chip hole and a quick installation.
  • The mesh is transparent allowing a clear view of your pool yet creates a protective barrier between your home and your swimming pool
  • Your protective mesh pool-fencing comes in a variety of colors and can be color-coordinated with the décor and design of your swimming pool and spa area



Mesh Pool Fence

OC black pool fence with mesh and self closing gates


Features of Orange County Pool Guard’s Removable Mesh Pool-Safety Fencing 

  • The only stand-alone (monolithic) pool gate in the industry that doesn’t rely on the tension of the fence to stand up straight
  • Designed to close and lock automatically behind you when you exit your swimming pool and spa area
  • Key-Lockable Magna Latch installed on the inside of the pool gate is well out of a child’s reach
  • Heavy duty thick aluminum square tubing to ensure that the gate is durable and safe
  • A strong design that holds up to the wear and tear of frequent use
  • Fabrication and welding of our pool gates are performed by Certified Welders in our factory
  • Lifetime warranty with the high-quality Magna Latch and Tru-Close Hinges
  • The pool gate opens away from the swimming pool, so should a child somehow stand on something to get to the Magna Latch, they couldn’t open the gate anyway because they are actually blocking it
  • A bottom bar is incorporated to add great support to the pool gate frame, yet there is no foot-hold for a child to climb on
  • Rust proof aluminum frames available in multiple colors
  • Comes in 4-foot or 5-foot heights, or custom heights for pets
  • Amazingly affordable and quick installation
  • Quality and durable Removable Mesh Pool-Safety Fencing Systems, and Swimming Pool Safety Gates (ASTM Certified) are all designed with UV inhibitors to protect against fading, shrinkage and deterioration
  •  Two types of self-closing, self-latching, and key-lockable pool gates to choose from
  • It allows you to let the older kids access your swimming pool, while keeping the younger kids safely outside the fence and away from the danger of accidentally drowning
  • Should you just need a mesh removable pool gate, it can be retrofitted to any type of fencing, or installed into grass and dirt areas


  1. OC Pool Guard Standard One-Piece Gate Design:

    Mesh pool fence

    OC Pool Guard Gate with best latch in the industry

  • Strong and durable one-piece gate that has successfully secured access to thousands of swimming pools for over 20-years.
  • Most reliable removable pool fence gate that needs the least amount of maintenance
  • Gates are in a one-piece framing system allowing the gate to stand alone, and doesn’t require the pool fence to work
  • It’s not tension-reliant, so adjustments aren’t required as frequently
  1. OC Pool Guard Two-Piece Gate Design:
  • Looks great and it’s easy to use
  • Based on a gate system that is widely used in the Pool Safety industry
  • Tension-based system that relies on the strength and tension of the rest of the mesh removable pool fence
  • The two gate pieces work in harmony to close in a flushed manner
  • Adjustments on the lock keep the gate aligned as the tension changes throughout the year


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